Spies On Bikes

—Mercury Islands - Edamame (Spies On Bikes Remix)

This is a brand new remix I made for Chicago based producer, Ed Harris, also known as Edamame. It is a remix of the tune ”Mercury Islands" off his latest EP "Bay of Plenty.” As it is with most of my tunes the music is best listened to in one sitting with the best pair of speakers or headphones you have and the imagination required to immerse yourself into the world of the song. Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Edamame as well!

Artwork and Photo by Nathan Cochran (thats me!)

(Source: spiesonbikes.com)


—The Palm of Your Wave [Bibio Remix]

I know another Bibio tune, but what can I say, this is great! I think I like it more than the original!

Photo by Matt McDonald

In honor of Halloween, I give you a song from my good friend and master of spooky tunes, Alexander Optivion.

Photo by Alexander Optivion.